24 apr

Research Study Shows Certain Metal Roofs Can Last at Least 60 Years

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has released new research findings that conclude that certain metal roof systems...

18 may

U-Anchor Solar Attachment System Withstands Hurricane

The U-Anchor 2000 has withstood another blast of hurricane force winds. The 800 kW Trina solar power generation system...

6 June

Tips For Choosing The Suitable Purlin For Roof Framing

When it comes to buildings and concrete human shelters, roofs are the most important component,...

1 july

What is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

The most essential component without which any building is incomplete is roof...

6 Aug

Importance of effective cladding

Wall Cladding is the process of adding layers one upon the other to create a strong skin layer over the walls....

20 Aug

Advantages and disadvantages of roofing sheets

Homeowners and builders today have multiple options available today when it comes to choosing the type of roofing sheets for their homes...

12 Nov

Advantages of Steel Decking

Steel decking as part of a composite flooring system, is a versatile and sustainable flooring solution...

25 Nov

How to Install Your Roofing Sheets

Roofing sheets installation is not a very difficult task provided you have a guide on how a roof should be safely installed...

1 Jan

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofing system is a long and narrow panels that orient from the gutter over to the ridge in single length and can be site roll formed....

18 Jan

How Important Is Roof Decking?

Roof decks are the foundation of any roofing system. It acts as a backbone of the entire roofing system...

11 Feb

How to install purlins to create a supporting framework for your roofing sheets

With respect to the understanding of the relevant industry, you should pick the top most purlin manufacturers and supplier of an assortment of z and c purlins....

18 march

How Does the Shape of Your Roof Impact Your Roofing Decisions?

An unlikely aspect that heavily impacts the roof you choose to crown your home, Industry or Infrastructure Project, is its shape. Roof geometry is something that greatly affects the performance of your metal roofing sheets...

20 April

The Right Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

Maxroof is one of the leading roofing sheet manufacturers in India, with an experience of over 20 years. Our sophisticated infrastructure and technical expertise reflect our strict adherence to industry standards and quality control guidelines....

29 April

Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) | Section | Advantages | Design Modus Operandi

Technological improvement over the years has contributed immensely to the quality innovation of life through various new products and services. One such revolution is the pre-engineered buildings (PEB)...

1 may

Things To Know About Turbo Ventilator

How would you feel if we locked you in a room of hot air with no ventilation? Not just that, you are also expected to work on projects in this unbreathable environment...

8 may

What Goes Into Making A Metal Building?

Do you remember the days when buildings were constructed with just stones and wood? Certainly not! Stones & wood do act as a solid foundation, but for small buildings, not for the skyscrapers, we see around us today...

16 may

7 Reasons Why You Should Go For Standing Seam Metal Panel Roofing Systems

Have you noticed, in the last few years, the use of standing seam roofs has increased? Especially the standing seam metal roofs?...

28 may

Advantages of Zinc Roofing

The trend of using metal in the roofing of commercial buildings and houses is a recent phenomenon and a very popular one too. Metal roofing sheets are strong, durable, and flexible as compared to plastic sheets...

5 June

How Many Types Of Roofing Sheets Do We Know

Roofing sheets are used as a covering in Industrial Sheds or building structures. These roofing sheets are light-weight, durable, easy to install, high in resistance to deal with extreme weather conditions, and protect the interior of the building...

12 June

All You Need To Know About Architectural Facade Systems

Just like a roof is the brain of a building, architectural facade systems are the heart of a building, both very important to the health of a building. ‘Beautiful from the outside and safe from the inside’ defines the concept of architectural facade systems...

20 June

Aluminium VS Steel Roofing Sheets

No roofing sheets can beat the rising popularity of metal roofing sheets, but in metal roofing sheets too, there is a constant debate between aluminium roofing sheets and steel roofing sheets. So, which roofing sheet seems to win the race? Let’s find out!...

28 June

Architectural Cladding System For Your Roofs & Walls

Just like shoes define a man’s personality, similarly, the exteriors of your house i.e, the architectural cladding systems define the character of your house because a person first will look at your house from the outside and not from the inside...

4 July

Know The Benefits Of Using Aluminum Standing Seam Roof

No roofing sheets can beat the rising popularity of metal roofing sheets, but in metal roofing sheets too, there is a constant debate between aluminium roofing sheets...

20 July

Types Of Facade That You Can Use To Beautify Your Building

By definition, a building facade means the face of a building. The role of an exterior facade is to beautify the building from the outside and protecting the interiors by keeping it cool during the...

pre-engineered building
25 July

Pre-Engineered Construction VS Conventional Construction

Lately, we all have been exposed to a new word in the construction business, i.e, the pre- engineered buildings. What are they? Pre-engineered buildings are like pieces of puzzles that come together,...

2 Aug

Circumstances where False Ceiling can be beneficial

Have you been bored looking at the same patterns and designs of your ceiling? Ever wondered giving it a change but couldn’t figure how? A False ceiling is a practical answer to all your questions....

9 Aug

Gypsum or POP? Which is the best for False Ceiling?

False Ceilings have lately gained immense popularity because of the several benefits it offers...

16 Aug

Reasons to change the facade of your building

On a daily basis, we come across several houses, building & infrastructure buildings but there are only a few that grab our attention...

25 Aug

Exterior Facade: Evolution and Upcoming

Have you ever seen a building so mesmerizing that you just pause for a while and sink in the beauty?...


Tips to Choose the Right Architectural Facade

“Never Judge a Book by its Cover”- a common phrase that we’ve been currently listening to, but in reality, is it always true?


PEB: A Bliss to the Environment

Providing a solid structure to satisfy multiple aesthetic and structural design requirements,


Top 5 Metal Roofing Installation Mistakes to Avoid

A roof is the ultimate protection and the crown of a structure that sits elegantly and protects it from several extreme conditions.


Maintenance of PEB's- Explained and Simplified

According to many manufacturers, pre-engineered buildings are a revolutionary approach to pace the construction process.


Top 8 Colours to Uplift the Exterior Facade

The facade cladding of your house is what makes it functional and attractive. As it is the first thing a visitor will see,


Understanding the Difference Between C and Z Purlin

The facade cladding of your house is what makes it functional and attractive. As it is the first thing a visitor will see,

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